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Post Doc Position available at the University of Rouen (France)


Post Doc Position available at the University of Rouen (France)

Duration: 15 months beginning in September 1st, 2013
Employer: university of Rouen, Faculty of Science of the Sport, laboratory CETAPS (EA3832)
Workplace: Rouen – France
Speciality : Motor Control, Sport sciences (STAPS), Psychology
Deadline of application : 2013/06/14
Further information: Régis Thouvarecq (,, Ludovic Seifert (,, secretaryship : Jenny Vu-Dinh (,

The recruited postdoc will work on the Demonstrator 3 project of the RISC program (supported by State / Region / FEDER) that concerns ” Mobility, behavioral dynamics and environment “. This project concerns how nonlinear dynamical models enable modelling of emergent processes of behavior at individual and collective levels. Indeed, complexity sciences allow us to highlight useful knowledge both in the development of motor performance, and in learning processes of a range of groups including the young and disabled.

We are recruiting one postdoc and one engineer, to complete our research team (10 persons) working together on this project. The Postdoc will be capable of developing and operating experimental protocols, of treating experimental data and of participating in the writing of the reports of works (publications / reports).

It is expected that the Postdoc will also work on various other current projects (with different levels of implication) and will contribute to publications according to his/her degree of investment. These current projects concern: (1) postural regulation and supra-postural task, (2) the dynamics of learning in motor coordination in swimming and climbing, and (3) the kinematics of ice-skating in hockey.

Applicants will possess a PhD in sport sciences, or kinesiology, or psychology. Emphasis on “sensori-based motor control” in research conducted to date is essential.

Required Skills :

  • Theoretical knowledge of the complex science approaches to human sensori-based motor control and the tools which relate to it. More specifically, knowledge of human postural control would be valuable.
  • Capacities to set up experimental protocols which combine several techniques of data acquisition (e.g., video / force plate / accelerometers) with various participants.
  • Experience and knowledge in the field of general programming, classical statistical treatments and the capacity to apply skills to the signals (postural data etc.). Proven skill in the application of circular statistics is also desirable.
  • Proven high standards in reading and writing scientific English is imperative.
  • To speak French would be useful (during experimentation for example) but not completely essential.
  • Capacity to work in a team in a multidisciplinary project
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Visita MCrespo & DSanz

Visita MCrespo e DSainz Labiomep 1

Miguel Crespo (left) and David Sanz (right)

Visita MCrespo e DSainz Labiomep 2

Miguel Crespo (left), Vítor Cabral (center) and David Sanz (right)

   No passado dia 21 de Maio o LABIOMEP recebeu a visita de dois investigadores da vizinha Espanha: David Sanz Rivas, PhD, da Universidad Camilo José Cela e Miguel Crespo, PhD, da Universidade de Valência. Para além do seu trabalho académico David Sanz é também o responsável pela Docência e Investigação da Real Federação Espanhola de Ténis (RFET). Miguel Crespo é o responsável pela Formação de Treinadores e pela Investigação na Federação Internacional de Ténis (ITF), sendo o responsável mundial pela produção de publicações, simpósios e certificação de treinadores, intervindo também na Comissão Mundial de Treinadores e no Comité Olímpico Internacional. A sua presença constituiu um primeiro passo para a colaboração com o LABIOMEP e com a FADEUP nesta área da investigação.

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