José Amarante

José AmaranteName: José Amarante, PhD
Faculty/Institute: FMUP
Position: Member of LABIOMEP’s Direction Board, Full-Professor on Surgery, member of the University of Porto General Counsil, member of the FMUP’s Consulting Counsil, Director of the Surgery Department of the FMUP, Director of the Unit of Plastic Surgery of the FMUP, Director of the Experimental surgery Service of the FMUP, President of the Scientific Comission of the FMUP,
Website: Research Gate

Research interests: Plastic and recovery surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, traumatology, brest surgery, upper limb surgery


Selected scientific publications:
1. P. C. Ferreira, J. C. Reis, J. M. Amarante, Á. C. Silva, C. J. Pinho, I. C. Oliveira, and P. N. da Silva, “Fournier’s Gangrene: A Review of 43 Reconstructive Cases,” Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, vol. 119, pp. 175-184, 2007.
2. P. Natividade da Silva, J. Amarante, A. Costa-Ferreira, A. Silva, and J. Reis, “Burn patients in Portugal: analysis of 14 797 cases during 1993–1999,” Burns, vol. 29, pp. 265-269, 2003.
3. A. Costa-Ferreira, J. Reis, C. Pinho, A. Martins, and J. Amarante, “The Distally Based Island Superficial Sural Artery Flap: Clinical Experience With 36 Flaps,” Annals of Plastic Surgery, vol. 46, pp. 308-313, 2001.
4. H. c. Costa, S. Comba, A. Martins, J. Rodrigues, J. Reis, and J. Amarante, “Further experience with the posterior interosseous flap,” British Journal of Plastic Surgery, vol. 44, pp. 449-455, 1991.
5. J. Amarante, H. c. Costa, J. Reis, and R. Soares, “A new distally based fasciocutaneous flap of the leg,” British Journal of Plastic Surgery, vol. 39, pp. 338-340, 1986/07/01 1986.