Pooya Soltani


Name: Pooya Soltani, MSc, BSc
Faculty/Institute: FADEUP
Position: PhD candidate, LABIOMEP technical staff
Email: 111114024[at]fade[dot]up[dot]pt
Website: Linkedin l Google Scholar l Research Gate


BSc: 2008, Physical education and sport sciences, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran.
MSc: 2011, Exercise physiology, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran.
PhD: 2011-present, Sport science, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal

Biography: Pooya is a fourth year PhD candidate of sport science (concentration on biomechanics) at university of Porto and focused on exergames and virtual sports. He is also a freelance graphic designer and science video producer.

Research interests: Active video games, UX evaluation, Performance analysis, Sport biomechanics, Ergogenic aids

Current project: Virtual swimming: an integrated study of physiology, biomechanics, and psychology in characterization of an active video game.
Supervisor: João Paulo Vilas-Boas, PhD.
Co-supervisor: Pedro Figueiredo, PhD.

Selected scientific publications:
1- Soltani, P., Vilas-Boas J.P. Muscle activation during exergame playing. In: Novák, D., Tulu, B., & Brendryen, H. (eds.). (2016). Handbook of Research on Holistic Perspectives in Gamification for Clinical Practice (pp. 312-341). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-9522-1 l Link
2- Soltani, P., Figueiredo, P., Mehrabi, A., & Vilas-Boas, J. P. (2014). Exergame playing in novice and experienced children: A pilot study. Journal of physical activity and health, 11(Supp1) (2014 Global Summit on the Physical Activity of Children), S188. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1123/jpah.2014-0173 l Link
3- Soltani, P., Figueiredo, P., Fernandes, R., Fonseca, P., Vilas-Boas, J.P. (2014). Muscle activation during swimming exergame. In: B. Mason (ed.), Book of proceedings of the XII International Symposium on Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming. pp 248-252. Canberra, Australia. l Link
4- Soltani, P., & Vilas-Boas, J. P. (2013). Exploring learning effects during virtual swimming using biomechanical analysis (a work in progress). In P. Escudeiro, & C.V. de Cravalho. (Eds.). Paper presented at Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Games Based Learning (Portugal), Porto (pp. 793-796). Sonning Common, UK: Academic Conferences and Publishing International. l Link
5- Soltani, P., & Salesi, M. (2013). Effects of exergame and music on acute exercise responses to graded treadmill running. Games for Health Journal, 2 (2), 75-80. l Link